While working with schools, I have found the work of the teachers to be compelling and realized the tremendous impact teachers have on students. This inspired me to teach children photography. I work with school’s afternoon enrichment programs to teach photography to students in grades Kindergarten through eighth.  Over the course of nine weeks students not only learn the basics about photography, such as aperture, shutter speed and composition. They will study famous photographers such as , Ansel Adams, Anne Geddes and William Wegman and each student will leave the course with a personal portfolio.

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I am expanding my program to reach more students and have openings to teach classes at your school. I can create a course outline specific to your school. Contact me for the outlines and testimonials from Dale Mabry Elementary, one of the schools I am currently teaching at, to provide you with an in depth understanding of the course and to give you the opportunity to see how well my program matches the needs of your students. I am a Hillsborough County Public Schools approved contractor, Level II Screening. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss any questions you have and to schedule a course for your school.