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Join Shutterbug Academy for Photography classes at one of Downtown Tampa’s coolest locations. Students will learn the basics about photography, such as aperture, shutter speed and composition. They will get to photograph along River Walk and go home with a portfolio. Students can bring their own camera or use one of Shutterbug Academy’s.

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Students are taught photography that is developmentally appropriate for the age group in the class. This course meets State Benchmarks for Visual Arts. Over the course of 9 weeks students will be shown different types of photography that can connect what is being taught in their curriculum to an artistic standpoint. They build a personal portfolio and have an offsite student show.

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Take a fun and educational photo field trip with Kim Hicks, the owner of Shutterbug Academy.

This will be a two hour class. Part guided tour, part photo instruction. Point and shoot camera is recommended, but not required. Students will go home with a printed photo and get images from borrowed cameras.